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Announcing Ringside

January 05, 2015

The folks at Metabahn are happy to announce Ringside, a coaching platform to help you build and ship for the web. Many services exist to train developers technically, but that's only half the problem. There are the technical aspects of building and shipping great software, and then there's everything else.

With Ringside, you'll get access to not only great technical help, but help with things like:

  • Choosing your target audience
  • Planning and prioritizing features
  • Building a technical team
  • Staying motivated

You'll be able to post questions for the talented folks at Metabahn, tapping into our years of experience building and shipping the web. Your project will fall into our weekly sprints, giving us the opportunity to play an active role in moving your project forward.

Ringside is in a private beta for the next few weeks. You can apply for one of ten invites by subscribing to our mailing list. We'll be in touch soon with more details!

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